ACFE Melbourne Chapter sponsored award

The ACFE Melbourne Chapter is the proud sponsor of the Top Student in Forensic Accounting at Swinburne University, Victoria. The prize is awarded to the most dedicated and highest achieving student in the year.

Melbourne Chapter awards Top Student in Forensic accounting

2018 award recipient - RachAel Goldberg

Rachael Goldberg has been working in  the accounting sector since 2013 and is due to graduate from Swinburne University in December 2019.

Rachael is a recipient of multiple top students awards at Swinburne - in the subjects of Macroeconomics, Law of Commerce, Industry Consulting Project, Forensic Accounting, Auditing, Financial Statistics and Financial Information for Decision Making.

Throughout her studies, Rachael was a volunteer student mentor helping fellow students begin their studies online. 

She achieved all this while also looking after the needs of her young family. Rachael is a dedicated and proud mother of a nearly-two-year-old daughter.


2017 award recipient - Johan Mitchell

Johan Mitchell is not your typical aspiring forensic practitioner. Raised in South Africa, Johan enjoyed a successful professional rugby career before ‘falling into’ forensic accounting. A gifted rugby player, he played at the national level for the Junior AVS Springboks, before joining French teams Tarbes Pyrénées then Avenir Valencien. Johan was pursued by the Melbourne Rebels and was about to sign up with them when a bad injury ended his promising sporting career.

Johan’s love for ‘numbers and business’ may have been inspired by his mentor, Michael Slepoy (co-founder of Dodo and Melbourne United) but his drive and passion for learning is all his own.

He is a well-rounded individual, with impeccable manners and is incredibly modest about his achievements. He credits his parents – and the values of conscientiousness, diligence and integrity that they instilled in him – for the person that he is today.

Johan admitted that he ‘fell into’ forensic accounting studies, and did not realise at the outset of his undergraduate career that the forensic profession (encompassing fraud prevention and investigation, and dispute advisory) is one that is pursued by many, and that the CFE is a highly sought-after and globally-recognised accreditation.